dog care - daily, night & holiday

general informations:

  • dog care in small dog groups in homelike ambience.
  • night & holiday care with nightly monitoring.
  • bring and pick up times: mon - fri (weekdays) 07-09:00 und 17-19:00; sat, sun, public holidays 09:00 or 17:00 - only durning holiday care (from 2 consecutive days forward). 

requirements dog care:

  • new client: 1 trial day prior to night care or holiday care
  • compatible with other dogs
  • house-trained
  • dog is used to wear a muzzel or participate in a muzzle training workshop (with costs)
  • chipped
  • no infectious disease 

follwoing data/documents bring with you on the first day:

  • name, adresse, phone no. of dog owner
  • vaccination pass/papers of the dog
  • certificate of competence for dog owners ("Sachkundenachweis für Hundehalter"): needed for all new aquired dogs since 1.july 2019, if 2 years before no other dog was kept. if this certificate is not available a course at Sitz!Platz is possible (with costs).
  • "dog driving licence" only for special dog breeds: Listenhunde

wellness - a place to feel good

  • excercise in green area – fun & play with fellows
  • dog taxi - bring and pick up service if needed (with costs; and only in combination with a daily or holiday care)

dog grooming - in relaxed atmosphere 

  • hair cutting, trimming washing, brushing, combing
  • claw cut, ear and eye cleaning

veterinary services - keep an eye on the health of your dog 

  • veterinary examination and therapy during dog care at Sitz!Platz or with a seperate appointment.  be aware that your dog stays healthy and make sure that therapy starts timely. 


  • behavioural health consulting with appointment: sometimes there is no behavioural effect despite consequent training. in this case it makes sense to clarify if an illness is the possible cause. Dr. Claudia Laschalt diagnosis illness related and training related causes. book an appointment for a behavioural health consulting.